Our Story

How did we end up here?

The Spark

It all started when James found a love for true indpendant food and drink business's and found himself feeling like an "outsider" to the corporate world he had become accustomed to.

A New Road

After a surprising exit from his career James set out on path, armed with a 52 plate VW golf , a phone and well talents which he was yet to work out. The only certain thing about the situation was that it certainly was not going to be easy.

(his was black)

Orange Juice

A premium simple and something every fine eatery would need was 100% orange juice or 100% Apple Juice made independently, but how? was the next question. With much heart ache, research and hard graft James was getting somewhere but nowhere fast, he needed someone who was local and had the same attitude as him.

A Smoothie Operator

As quoted in "Nottingham Post" Ben was a smoothie operator who knew about fruit! He had started a smoothie business from his parent's kitchen straight from school! Maybe he could help?

(his blender was better than this)

Fruit Robbery

Alas when James met Ben, Ben was having his own problems, he'd had his fruit robbed on a recent shipment and was not in a good way about it. As they sat down and talked it through over tea, their tea went cold and an Iced tea was born was born!

 (the tea bags we're slightly larger to make the iced tea)

Just Our luck

After their last punt for both parties on iced tea, it was bad news for the pair, within the space of 2 weeks they had sold all three pallets of their iced tea and gained 50 new customers........however in the height of summer they could not continue supply as their supply chain unfortunately ceased for unexpected reasons.

It was a disaster, with no money made and time running out for the pair it seemed like the end of the road.

Then suddenly James realized he could use his home domestic roaster to roast coffee and attempt to get a coffee customer. Ben set to work on finding other exclusive products that we could present and sell only time would tell.

The Hard Work And Dedication Continues.

So / 4 Broken Vans, 1 Sprained ankle, 4 Reserve Petrol Tanks Used, 20 Different Yellow Storage Rooms, 2 Broken Mobile Phones, 1 Stolen Phone, 1 Broken Pallet Truck, 10,000 incorrectly spelt biscuit packaging cartons, 4 Office Moves, 1 Garden Office build, Oh yes and how can we forget 10 business Apps / later we're here two years on and have reached 400+ independent premium customers and growing.

We have a real sales (customer service) team of 4, who we would be happy to meet and talk to you. A wonderful team in logistics led by (Geoff) and of course our roaster who we name "squirrel".

We run a daily delivery service using our own vehicles around 120 miles of Nottinghamshire.

We distribute weekly nationwide via our own transport and trusted partners.

We only source products with a certain level of exclusivity and treat our suppliers brands as our own. We are the gateway to independent premium beverages.

We want to work with like minded business's and truly provide distinctive beverages! Please call us now.

 Email: info@harryandparker.co.uk

  • Phone: 0115 9299517